1.1. The Customer charges and the Performer undertakes to provide services in implementation of the Customer's activities for Initial Coin Offering on the Customers' instructions of the project "Name", the website on the Internet: www.________.

The customer is obliged to pay services of the Performer on the terms of the contract according to the payment schedule given herein. Payment is made on _____________ wallet in Ethereum cryptocurrency at the average exchange rate on the website coinmarketcap.com or (in case of absence of that) at the rate of one of cryptocurrency exchanges: poloniex.com, kraken.com, bittrex.com.

The token is understood as the decentralized electronic asset emitted with use of the Ethereum blockchain (the blockchain for the cryptocurrency emis- sion can be changed by agreement with the Customer).

1.2. Main requirements for structure and content of the provided services are defined by the Performer's obligations in 1.1.

1.3. The Customer can order any of services given below separately or in complex.


2.1. Performer's obligations 

The Performer is obliged to: 


2.2.1. Offline marketing

The cost of the presentation creation – $XXX with alterations and $XXX without.

The cost of the video creation – $XXX without introduction of changes andalterations and up to $XXX with modification and alterations if need to anddepending on the quality (though the top of the price isn't limited and attraction ofthe cryptocurrency world stars, etc. is possible).

Cost – $XXX – $XXX (from 2 to 5 met-ups, payment for the performance to organizersand payment of the work itself).

Cost – $XXX – $XXX at the rate of $XXX – XXX for 1 conference on 1-2 people(conferences out of Moscow) together with design of the stand. If to sponsor for aconference, then it will be up to $XXX for 1 conference.

It's included in compensation in the form of % from the ICO (5-10% of the overallcollecting depending on the sum. Example: up to 10 million dollars 5%, over 10million dollars – 10% are paid).

2.2.2. Social media

Social networks

Cost – $XXX for the whole project duration.

2.2.3. Contextual advertisement

The Performer undertakes to place contextual advertising for drawing attention to the project on the following platforms:

Also, the Performer undertakes to post other contextual advertising necessary in social networks for the project promotion and achievement of result – fundraising as after the pre-ICO/ICO company.

The fixed cost – $XXX on the project duration plus the contextual advertising budget(approximately from 1 to 5% of alleged fees depending on results of the campaign).The proposed budget with respect to fees from the ICO of 10 million dollars is$XXX – $XXX.

2.2.4. Mass media

Cost – $XXX – $XXX.

Cost – $XXX a month.

Cost – 5-10 bitcoins ($XXX – $XXX at a current rate, but changes are possible in connection with change in the bitcoin exchange rate).

2.2.5. Exchanges


$XXX for listing on top-1 exchange (on the average daily trading volume according to coinmarketcap.com);
$XXX for each of top-5 exchanges;
$XXX for each of top-10;
$XXX for each of top-20;
$XXX for the others

2.3. White Paper:

Structuring of the White Paper with suppositional sections:

2.3.1. Business overview (project business part, green paper)

2.3.2. White Paper

Cost of works on White paper structuring and designing – $XXX.

2.3.3. GWP examples. Good white paper policy.

The following good examples of White Paper are offered:

Good White Paper examples:

Quite correct practice is the division of business and technical parts:

SONM Business overview:

SONM White Paper:

Black Moon Crypto:

Golem Network White Paper:


2.4. Writing and placement of the Performer's smart contract. Requirements to the smart contract.

Cost - $XXX and % from the ICO fees and tokens is very desirable.

2.5. Financial model

Development of financial model demands participation of highly paid and highlyprofessional market experts.

Cost – $XXX.

2.6. Legal support

Cost – $XXX – XXX.

Expenses such as the company registration fees and fixed expenses connected with the chosen jurisdiction are paid additionally. Trips of lawyers to another country if necessary are are paid additionally too.

2.2.6. The team

2.2.7. Terms of the Performer's obligations implementation

The estimated schedule of works is given below. Failure to follow this schedule will not be the basis for cancellation of the contract or decrease in compensation to the Performer, and is given only for more detailed informing of the Customer.

The Performer undertakes to make the greatest efforts possible for performance of work within these terms.

Public holidays and days off of the main jurisdictions of the Customer and Performer were subtracted from these terms.

First 30-60 days of the campaign

60-90 days of the campaign

90-120 days

3. The Customer's obligations

The Customer undertakes to contribute advance payment of 20% contractual sum prior to works.

The Customer undertakes to contribute payment for the services within 1 week after every month from the moment of signing of the contract.

The Customer undertakes to pay work of Performers as follows:

Registration of the office and work of a team part at office on Customer's location is paid additionally.

Estimated fees:

pre-ICO $XXX – $XXX


Summary finance table

The Customer pays to the Performer percent from fees at of N percent from the funds raised.

The Customer is also recommended to increase considerably motivation of thePerformer's team by payment of 5% tokens generated for the overtime work.

4. Obligations of the Parties

4.1. The contents of this contract from the moment of its signing are confidential and aren't subject to disclosure without mutual written consent of both Parties. The Parties undertake to keep confidentiality of this contract.

4.2. In case of a delay in works reception or complication of the procedure of additional Customer's wishes introduction the Performer doesn't bear responsibility for non-performance of work in the specified time. In this case terms of the project work performance will be postponed.

4.3. The Performer undertakes to start services provision within 7 calendar days from the moment of signing the present contract.

5. Responsibility of the Parties and disputes settlement order

In case of any disagreements which aren't possible to solve by negotiations,lawsuits of the Parties will be made in arbitration court of the Name city in theName country, and at refusal any Party or refusal from court – with use of theCryptonomica decentralized arbitration. (Cryptonomica.net) or otherdecentralized arbitration by mutual consent of both Parties.

5.1. At any issue that isn't provided by the present contract concerning responsibility of the Parties, the Parties are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.2. Disputes over the present contract the Parties undertake to resolve by negotiations. Disputes on which the agreement by negotiations can't be reached are the subject to permission in the location of the 1st Party.ct.

6. Validity period and the contract termination conditions

6.1. The present contract comes into force from the moment of its signing (the date specified in a preamble of the present contract) and works till full execution by the Parties of the liabilities undertaken.

6.2. The present contract can be dropped ahead of the schedule by agreement of the Parties.

6.3. All additions and annexes to the present contract have to be made in writing and signed by the Parties.

6.4. The present contract is made in duplicate, having the same validity, one of which is kept by the Customer, another by the Performer.

7. Addresses and bank details of the Parties

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