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Platform: Ethereum  |  Core team: Anton Cherkasov, Michael Doshevsky, Sergey Streltcov
Site: https://aworker.io

Aworker is the first decentralized system of Reputation Building for Employees in the world.

- - - - - - 26.01.2018 26.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Platform, Robots,
Core team: Xiaochen Zhang, Pedram Assadi, Tomas Martunas
Site: https://www.dorado.tech

Robots. Drones. Artificial Intelligence. Millions of Orders Already. Next-generation leading on-demand delivery company with Quarterly Payout Bonuses.

- - - - - - 07.02.2018 25.04.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Core team: Alex Egorov, Alexander Nevidimov, Andrey Kladov
Site: https://bitrewards.network

BitRewards enables online stores to reward their shoppers with a cryptocurrency "BIT", which helps to increase sales.

- - - - - - 10.02.2018 30.04.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Core team: Tariq Alwahedi, Justine Corrado, Mohamed Waqas
Site: https://cryptobnb.io

The first disrupting home rental platform powered by blockchain, AI & big data with utility tokens & advanced wallet.

- - - - - - 14.02.2018 14.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 3000000 ETH
Category: Cryptocurrency, Investment, Platform
Core team: Pranas Slušnys, Jonas Udris, Andrius Miron
Site: https://www.minerone.io

Not a pool. Not a cloud. Miner One is today's most advanced mining equipment and ultra-low-cost electricity. So everyone profits.

- - - - - - 15.02.2018 14.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 2000000 USD
Category: Health, Platform,
Core team: Noel Chandler, Jay Sachdev, Daaron Dwyer
Site: https://clinicoin.io

Clinicoin is an open source, blockchain-leveraged health and wellness platform, enhanced by a token-based rewards ecosystem

- - - - - - 21.02.2018 01.06.2018
Platform: Blockchain  |  Core team: Pradeep Goel, Vadym Vorobiov,
Site: https://solve.care

Solve.Care Foundation was established with the mission to decentralize and redefine administration of healthcare and other benefit programs, globally.

- - - - - - 21.02.2018 19.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000000 USD
Restrictions: China, Singapore, USA
Category: Casino & Gambling, Entertainment,
Core team: Tebogo Makamo, Dmitry Oberzhitsky, Alex Braude
Site: https://grondigital.com

Gambling & Betting on the Blockchain

- - - - - - 27.02.2018 24.04.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 3000000 USD
Category: Business Services, Communication, Media
Core team: Anton Solodikov, Igor Karavaev, Arkady Yasashny
Site: https://sharpay.io

Share button with blockchain profit

- - - - - - 01.03.2018 31.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 4000 ETH
Restrictions: China
Category: Casino & Gambling, Cryptocurrency, Entertainment Platform,
Core team: Nikita Cherenkov, Dmitry Yakovlev, Bogdan Orlov
Site: https://gamblica.com/?utm_source=icobench

GAMBLICA is an international online casino based on the integration of innovative IT solutions in online gambling and blockchain technology.

- - - - - - 01.03.2018 01.06.2018
Our rating: 7
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000000 USD
Category: Cryptocurrency, Smart Contract, Trading
Core team: James Q. Perrault, Luke, Thomas
Site: https://crystaltoken.co/

Crystal Token is a cryptocurrency token innovating the field of smart investments with the novel concept of Virtual Staking and different investment plans to satisfy the needs of all investors who desire a solid and constant passive income source

1 7 1 2 0.61 06.03.2018 30.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Soft cap: 5000000 USD
Category: Business Services, Cryptocurrency, Platform Software,
Core team: Alexander Timofeev , Maxim Khabur , Valery Krivenko
Site: https://www.skyfchain.io

SKYF is the world’s first industrial grade heavy cargo drone. We partner with our current clients in oil&gas, agriculture and logistics to make SKYFchain reliable and easy to integrate into today's supply-chain.

- - - - - - 10.03.2018 15.06.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Category: Big Data, Infrastructure, Internet Smart Contract,
Core team: Arie Trouw, Scott Scheper, Markus Levin
Site: https://xyo.network/

The XY Oracle Network ("XYO Network") allows developers and smart contract creators to interact with the real world as if it were an API.

- - - - - - 20.03.2018 21.05.2018
Our rating: 73
Platform: Blockchain  |  Core team: Yuri Morozov, Oleg Pravdin, Sergei Ivanov
Site: http://bubbletone.io

Bubbletone Blockchain in Telecom is the first decentralized telecom ecosystem that allows mobile network operators, phone users and service providers to interact directly. We directly connect mobile network operators and end users globally on our blockchain-based marketplace.

31 34 10 15 0.81 20.03.2018 20.05.2018
Platform: Ethereum  |  Core team: Stanislav Maer, Oleg Tereshenko, Maxim Maslennikov
Site: https://cryptics.tech

We are Cryptics - the world's first public crypto analytics based on AI. Our mission is to give any person, whether it`s an investor, an export or a novice market participant, an ability to find key information based on which it will be easier to take most relevant decision regarding mining, buying or selling the cryptocurrency and creating portfolios of cryptocurrencies.

- - - - - - 26.03.2018 26.04.2018
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