Miner from QIWI Group

Miner from QIWI Group

A former chief technology officer of QIWI Group mined half a million bitcoins on company’s terminals

Sergey Solonin, the head of QIWI, reported that his former subordinate had been engaged in illegal activities in 2011.

That year, the security service of the company discovered that the terminals placed in some shops were high-intensity working at nights, and this fact was suspicious. It turned out that the chief technology officer of the company had used the apparatus for mining crypto-currency. Sergey Solonin asserts that it has been mined 500 thousand bitcoins for three months. At that time, they cost about 5 million USD.

According to Medusa portal, the former chief technology officer whose name is not called, resigned his position and leave the company, rejecting the idea of sharing his coins.

“I let him go. Actually, we could do nothing: he had mined something, there had been no direct losses, and he did not harm anyone except for tenants which paid for electricity”, - Sergey Solonin said.

At the current exchange rate, 500 thousand bitcoins cost more than 4 billion USD.

Source: https://govoritmoskva.ru/news/167984/

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