RepubliCon Discusses The Future Of The Public ICO

RepubliCon Discusses The Future Of The Public ICO

According to crypto experts, ICO won’t disappear in the near future

On Thursday, the leading crypto stakeholders discussed the lowering of initial coin offering at RepubliCon panel. Some participants shared the opinion that the era of ICO is going to come to an end. However, others didn’t sound so pessimistic. According to Caroline Hofmann, operating officer, ICO is not over, but market players are becoming more thoughtful. Almost everyone agreed that the founders using the ICO need to be more precise about their intentions about any money raised to make effective decisions on investments.

 Although the panel concentrated on the situation in the USA, some participants stated that in other countries the hype about ICOs won’t go down in the near future. In Asian countries, many investors still deal with crypto fundraising. Moreover, 2018 numbers topped the prior years’ ones.

 The panel also pointed out that crypto founders will face more pressure, and the deals will become more structured around delivering. This also relates to DAICO model developed by VitalikButerin.

 Most participants also agreed that companies don’t have to raise big amounts of money to reach success. Some enterprises have progressed fast on comparatively small ICO raises.

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